William H Craig


Name: William H Craig

First Name(s): William H
Last Name: Craig

Place of birth: Maine, Somerset Cnty, Skowhegan

Rank: Lt Col Battalion Commander
ASN: O-22680
Company: HQ/3
Unit: 423rd IR 3rdBn 106th ID

Reported as: MWA ► FOD
Date of incident:  19-12-1944
Place of incident: Schönberg area

His story: On December 19, 1944, by daylight, 1st and 2nd Battalion were moved into positions in rear of 3rd Battalion, 423rd Infantry Regiment. All efforts to establish contact with the 422nd Infantry Regiment on the right failed. At 08.30 Hours Battalion Commanders were assembled and orders issued for the attack on Schönberg at 10.00 Hours. At 09.30 Hours heavy artillery concentrations started falling on the entire Regimental area. This heavy German artillery fire mortally wounded Lt Col William H Craig and killed Company Commanders Captain James L Clarkson, Co. D and Captain James H Hardy, Co. M.

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