Robert E Daw Jr


Name: Robert E Daw Jr

First Name(s): Robert E
Last Name: Daw Jr

Place of birth: Texas, Shelby Cnty, Joaquin

Rank: 2 Lt Pilot
ASN: O-829827
Company: 377th F Sqdrn
Unit: 362nd Fighter Grp 9th USAAF

Reported as: MIA ► POW ► DNB
Date of incident: 30-12-1944
Place of incident: Benonchamps area

His storyAircraft Republic THUNDERBOLT “Spunky” type P-47D-11-RE #42-75392, took off from Étain, France on December 30, 1944 for close air support and strafing in Bastogne area, Belgium. On that day the weather had turned so bad that 2 Lt Robert E Daw was one of the volunteered flying pilots.
The squadron was strafing German armed vehicles on the edge of a woods. On their last pass Lt Daw went over the edge of the forest very low. A few moments later he went straight off his pass about 100 feet off the ground. At the same time Lt Daw sounded very excited over the radio that he just flew through some trees and was going in. Red leader, not understanding his call, told Lt Daw to bail out if he was in trouble. Lt Daw called again that the engine was dead and he was going in. From the time he first hit the woods till his last call over the radio was enough time for him to reach good ground to belly. He made a safe landing in a snow covered field but his plane caught fire and Lt Daw was pulled from the plane just before it exploded. This took place at 1600 hours about 17 miles southeast of Bastogne and the crash site was only one mile from American lines. American troops arrived at the site in one hour. There was no blood in the cockpit and 2Lt Robert Daw was not inside. He was taken POW and probably executed by a German SS troop which was nearby.
His body was temporarily buried in the American Cemetery in Luxembourg.

Destination: Bastogne area, Belgium
Mission: close air support and strafing
MACR: 11547

Unit history of 362nd Fighter Group

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