Robert A “Bob” Berry


Name: Robert A “Bob” Berry

First Name(s): Robert A “Bob”
Last Name: Berry

Place of birth: Illinois, Scott Cnty,

Rank: 2 Lt Pilot
ASN: O-766400
Company: 485th F Sqdrn
Unit: 370th Fighter Grp 9th USAAF

Reported as: POW ► ROD
Date of incident: 26-12-1944
Place of incident: Houffalize area

His storyAircraft Lockheed LIGHTNING type P-38J-15-LO #44-23646, took off from Florennes Air Base, Belgium on December 26, 1944 for a armed reconnaissance mission.
Wing Man Lt Col Seth J McKee was flying in position with 1 Lt John V Griffin #3 and 2 Lt Robert A “Bob” Berry #4 in Flight Zenith Red on a D/3 mission to Houffalize, Belgium. Going down on their bomb run, both planes were hit by FLAK. After reforming the squadron upon completion of dive bombing, Lt Col McKee noticed that #3 an 4 of Zenith Red Flight were missing.” Lost at about 15.00 Hrs. 2 Lt Robert A “Bob” Berry was taken POW, returned on duty after WWII and afterwards involved in the Korean War and 1 Lt John V “Jack” Griffin was KIA.

Destination: Houffalize, Belgium
Mission: Armed Reconnaissance Dive Bombing
MACR: 11474

Unit history of 370th Fighter Group

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