Richard P Umhoefer


Name: Richard P Umhoefer

First Name(s): Richard P
Last Name: Umhoefer

Place of birth: Wisconsin, Clark Cnty, Colby

Rank: 1 Lt Navigator
ASN: O-809456
Company: 95th T Car Sqdrn
Unit: 440th Troop Carrier Grp 9th USAAF

Reported as: MIA ► POW ► RTD
Date of incident: 27-12-1944
Place of incident: Nimbermont area

His story: On December 27, 1944, Lewis crew took off with Douglas SKYTRAIN C-47A-75-DL, #42-100907 from the airstrip at Châteaudun, France.
The formation ran into a barrage of ligth FLAK in the vicinity of Bastogne, Belgium. While flying in formation in an element of 8 airplanes and gliders at about 2,500 feet, 1 Lt Harvey L Rideout saw that the right engine of airplane of Capt Smith was on fire. The airplane was going down slowly when he noted that 2 men bailed out with open parachutes . The glider cut loose when he was going down. Lt Rideout did not saw either the airplane or the men who parachuted reaching the ground.
It’s reported that all 5 crewmembers managed to bail out and were taken POW.
The 2 men, bailed out with open parachutes were Navigator 1 Lt Richard P Umhoefer and Crew Chief S/Sgt Wilmeth H Harvey. 1 Lt Umhoefer reported later that Radio Operator Sgt George D Mehling Jr also managed to bail out. They landed together in the same field.
The last men who bailed out of the plane were Pilot 1 Lt William H Lewis and Co-Pilot 2 Lt Earl E Putman. Lt Lewis had burns in his face, taken POW and was for a few days together with the crewmembers above in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany. Lt Putman was quite badly burned, also taken POW and sent to a German hospital, receiving treatment for his burns.
Operation: REPULSE
Destination: Bastogne, Belgium
Mission: Glider Tow

note: 1 Lt Richard Umhoefer was imprisoned at Stalag III-A and work camps (also Oflag 3-6), Luckenwalde (originally interrogation center), Brandenburg, Prussia 52-13, Germany

Unit history of 440th Troop Carrier Group

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