Paul A Toups


Name: Paul A Toups

First Name(s): Paul A
Last Name: Toups

Place of birth: Louisiana, Lafourche Parish, Raceland

Rank: 1 Lt Pilot
ASN: O-796232
Company: 393rd F Sqdrn
Unit: 367th Fighter Grp 9th USAAF

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 26-12-1944
Place of incident: Holzthum (Lux)

His storyAircraft Lockheed LIGHTNING “Tacoman“ type P-38J-15-LO #43-28700 took off from Juvincourt, France, on December 26, 1944 for escorting C-47 supply.
1Lt Paul A Toups flew in position #2 had just finished dive bombing the target and while returning, a convoy of enemy vehicles was sighted. Squadron leader Lt Barnes decided to strafe the convoy and with his flight entrail the squadron made a pass. Lt Toups and Lt Chadbourne completed the flight while the remaining flights furnished top cover. Encountering no FLAK a second pass was made. As Lt Toups chandelled off his target, enemy light FLAK opened up. His plane was hit and the right engine began to smoke and the engine cut out. Lt Toups made no effort to correct resultant torque from one engine. At about 1020 hours Lt Toups aircraft rolled over and began spinned at approximately 1200 feet. Lt Chadborune did not obeserved if Lt Toups had managed to leave his aircraft.

Destination: Bourscheid, Luxembourg
Mission: Dive Bombing and Strafing

Unit history of 367th Fighter Group

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