Lawrence P Marsh


Name: Lawrence P Marsh

First Name(s): Lawrence P
Last Name: Marsh

Place of birth: Connecticut,

Rank: T/Sgt Crew Chief
ASN: 31343629
Company: 95th T Car Sqdrn
Unit: 440th Troop Carrier Grp 9th USAAF

Reported as: MIA ► KIA
Date of incident: 27-12-1944
Place of incident: Givroulle

His story: On December 27, 1944, Webb crew took off with Douglas SKYTRAIN C-47A-80-DL, #43-15084 from the airstrip at Châteaudun, France.
Just before going into the Landing Zone (LZ) Squadron Pilot 2 Lt Luther J Lizana saw that the airplane of Capt Wilton C Smith was the first one to be hit. The ship of 1 Lt Stanley J Zdun was the next one, continued to descend straight ahead and 2 parachutes came from this airplane.
Pilot 1 Lt Robert J Webb stated that his plane was hit by FLAK. The left engine caught on fire and the elevators were shot out, which caused the crash landing in a field to the left of its course.
Together with Co-Pilot 2 Lt Wilson W Scott and Radio Operator S/Sgt Tony F Ferrucci, 1 Lt Robert Webb was picked up by Germans as soon as they left the airplane. The plane was burning when they were taken away. 1 Lt Webb was taken to a hospital for treatment for burns received when extracting the Co-Pilot from the ship. 2 Lt Scott had a broken leg and S/Sgt Ferrucci had no injuries. Later that day the crewmembers were separated.
Crew Chief T/Sgt Lawrence P Marsh was possibly knocked out or so injured by the crash that he did not manage to bail out of the burning plane. In a report of HEADQUARTERS 440th Troop Carrie Group, dated March 15, 1945, he is recorded death caused by skull fracture as result of plane crash.
Operation: REPULSE
Destination: Bastogne, Belgium
Mission: Glider Tow

Unit history of 440th Troop Carrier Group

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