Joseph Guadagno


Name: Joseph Guadagno

First Name(s): Joseph
Last Name: Guadagno

Place of birth: New York,

Rank: Pvt Cannoneer
ASN: 32696139
Company: C Btry
Unit: 440th FAB 7th AD

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 23-12-1944
Place of incident: Provedroux area

His storyPvt Joseph Guadagno was killed by a high explosive (HE) with Pvt Amrhine.
1Lt John P Hipson, XO of Battery C reported: “I was in a concealed position a few yards from the M-7 in which Pvts Amrhine and Guadagno were riding when the vehicle was caught by mortar and small arms fire from German troops on a nearby bridge. The M-7 was directly hit by a large mortar. At the time of the shelling, they were crouched below the armor to avoid small arms fire directed at them.
When the tank was hit by the mortar shell, it caught fire instantaneously and within 5 minutes the load and ammunition was exploding. When I left, the area, the chassis, and engine were burning fiercely. It was impossible to return to the area to investigate the damages incurred as the position was overrun and held by the enemy.”
Their Crew Chief Sgt Walter G Henry was in the turret of the M-7 and was presumably also killed.

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