John S Bachman


Name: John S Bachman

First Name(s): John S
Last Name: Bachman

Place of birth: Nebraska, Richardson Cnty, Falls City Township

Rank: 2 Lt Co-Pilot
ASN: O-887889
Company: 96th T Car Sqdrn
Unit: 440th Troop Carrier Grp 9th USAAF

Reported as: MIA ► SWA ► DOW
Date of incident: 27-12-1944
Place of incident: Bastogne area

His story: On December 27, 1944, Green crew took off with Douglas SKYTRAIN C-47A-75-DL, #42-100977 from the airstrip at Châteaudun, France.
Just before going into the Landing Zone (LZ) 1 Lt Billy Green’s airplane was hit bij FLAK in the right engine. After releasing the towed glider, Lt Green feathered the engine and dove to put out the fire. During the return to airbase the airplane was again hit in the rear, setting the plane on fire, and caught another hit in the left engine which knocked it out.
Again Pilot 1 Lt Billy J Green feathered the plane, cut all the switches and started to set it down. Meanwhile Crew Chief T/Sgt Albert J Sabon managed to get by the fire and bailed out by the door. The rest of the crew couldn’t make it and came back up to the front escape hatch to get out. Co-Pilot 2 Lt John S Bachman bailed out but the altitude was to low for his parachute to open. He broke al leg bad and fractured his skull.
Meanwhile the plane was knocking the tops out of the trees of a thick forest, slapping the nose of the ship. Radio Operator Sgt Robert J Slaughter managed to bail out by climbing out of the escape hatch and helped Lt Green to get out of the plane through the nose.
Operation: REPULSE
Destination: Bastogne, Belgium
Mission: Glider Tow

Unit history of 440th Troop Carrier Group

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