Jeryl D Crowell


Name: Jeryl D Crowell

First Name(s): Jeryl D
Last Name: Crowell

Place of birth: Texas, Red River Cnty,

Rank: 2 Lt Pilot
ASN: O-782704
Company: 27th Ph Recon Sqdrn
Unit: 7th Photo Recon Grp 8th USAAF

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 24-12-1944
Place of incident: Somme-Leuze area

His storyAircraft Lockheed LIGHTNING “Glory of Helene” type F-5E-2 LO #43-29026 a converted P-38J-15-LO, took off from A-83, Denain/Prouvy, France on December 24, 1944 for a reconnaissance mission in the Ardennes combat zone, Belgium.
2Lt Jeryl D Crowell was gaining altitude when he notified the presence of an unknown aircraft at 8 a.m. 5 minutes later he was hit by a German Focke Wulf Fw 190 Würger.
On January 22, 1945, the 27th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron received a package of Staff VIIIth Corps General Lawton Collins. It contained Lt Crowell’s identification plate as well as that of his F-5. When General Collins soldiers descended south towards the Ourthe Valley, they discovered the wreckage of the snow covered plane just east of the village of Somme-Leuze.

Destination: the Ardennes combat zone, Belgium
Mission: reconnaissance
MACR: 11080

Unit history of 7th Photo Reconnaissance Group

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