James D “Jim” Buescher


Name: James D “Jim” Buescher

First Name(s): James D “Jim”
Last Name: Buescher

Place of birth: Ohio, Hamilton Cnty, Cincinnati

Rank: 2 Lt Bombardier
ASN: O-2069657
Company: 323rd Bomb Sqdrn
Unit: 91st Bomber Grp (H) 8th USAAF

Reported as: MIA ► KIA
Date of incident: 14-01-1945
Place of incident: Wincrange area (Lux)

note: Aircraft Boeing type B-17G-100-BO Fortress #43-38911 “Bull Session”;
Flew over the front lines on the way to the target, altitude approximately 20,000 feet, when aircraft B-17 Flying Fortress “Bull Session” received a direct hit by FLAK on the nose section. The nose section was blown off back as far as the pilot’s compartment. The aircraft immediately went out of control and nosed downward in a vertical dive. No smoke or flames were visible. The aircraft dropped about 10,000 feet.
One crewmember, Sgt James D “Jim” Buescher, managed to leave the aircraft by parachute. He was taken POW and was released on May 23, 1945 from Stalag XIII-D Nuremburg (Oflag 73), Bavaria 49-11, Germany.

Destination: Cologne, Germany
Mission: Bombardment

History of 91st Bombardment Group

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