Gene E Sucharda


Name: Gene E Sucharda

First Name(s): Gene E
Last Name: Sucharda

Place of birth: Ohio,

Rank: Capt Company Commander
ASN: O-440622
Company: C
Unit: 41st Tank Bn 11th AD

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 14-01-1945
Place of incident: Noville area

His storyOn January 14, 1945 just before dark, German Troops managed to move a tank and two antitank guns into a small group of woods on a hill to the west of the town Noville, Belgium and opened fire on our forces with deadly pointblank accuracy.  Before that threat could be neutralized 10th Armored Division lost four tanks, including that of Captain Gene E. Sucharda, the commanding officer of Company C. He and Pfc Stanley K. Chadwick were killed and one other officer and eight enlisted men were wounded.

note: in the history of C Company 41st Tank Battalion, compiled by David Kasavan, the name of Capt Gene E Sucharda is mentioned

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