Frederick F Zimmerman


Name: Frederick F Zimmerman

First Name(s): Frederick F
Last Name: Zimmerman

Place of birth: Ohio, Franklin Cnty,

Rank: Sgt Squad Leader
ASN: 35616612
Company: H
Unit: 394th IR 2ndBn 99th ID

Reported as: MIA ► FOD
Date of incident: 16-12-1944
Place of incident: Elsenborn area

His story: Sgt Zimmerman was in charge of a machine gun squad and was killed during the initial German shelling on December 16, 1944. His water cooled machine gun was covering the left flank of E Company along the road from Losheimergraben, Belgium going to Udenbreth, Germany. First wounded by the blast of a shell, he left his foxhole, trying to reach a forward aid station a few hundreds yards behind the line but he only made a few steps when another shell claimed his life.
As of that moment, Sgt Zimmerman was reported Missing in Action and his name was mentioned on the Tablets of the Missing at Ardennes American Cemetery, until his remains were recovered on 1 June 2001 by two Belgians who were part of a MIA project. Found in a foxhole right next to the trench of the forward aid station.
On June 22, 2002 he was finally put to rest at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery at the request of his family. 

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