Emanuel Rind


Name: Emanuel Rind

First Name(s): Emanuel
Last Name: Rind

Place of birth: New York,

Rank: Sgt Rifle Squad Leader
ASN: 12110401
Company: B
Unit: 394th IR 1stBn 99th ID

Reported as: MIA ► POW
Date of incident: 15-01-1945
Place of incident: Elsenbüchel Forest

His story: On January 15, 394th Infantry was to conduct two raiding patrols into the Elsenbüchel Forest. One of them drawn from Company B, led by 1 Lt Roger C. Lenihan. The patrol consisted of thirty enlisted men. Among them Squad Leaders Sgt Emanuel Rind and Sgt John T Puckett, and Pfc Earnest E Brown.
During the patrol they suddenly encountered heavy small-arms fire by hidden German troops. Sgt Puckett and Pfc Brown were killed and Sgt Rind was wounded by mortar fragments in the head, chest and legs as he was about to pull back. Despite the pain, he tried to reach friendly lines but his wounds finaly overcame him and he collapsed in the snow. He was later found half frozen by German soldiers, captured and taken Prisoner of War. It has been a costly operation.
Read the full story @ the very interesting website MIA project.

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