Edward A Chateauneuf


Name: Edward A Chateauneuf

First Name(s): Edward A
Last Name: Chateauneuf

Place of birth: Massachusetts, Essex Cnty,

Rank: Capt Liaison Officer
ASN: O-287807
Company: HQ Btry
Unit: 591st FAB 106th ID

Reported as: POW ► DNB
Date of incident: 16-12-1944
Place of incident: Winterspelt area (G)

noteCapt Edward A Chateauneuf was recorded KIA on December 23, 1944 as POW in Stalag XII-A to IX-B Limburg An Der Lahn, Hessen, Nassau Prussia, Germany.
Capt Chateauneuf is mentioned in The History Of The 591st Field Artillery Battalion written by 2Lt Howard D Crank

His story: In the early morning of December 16, 1944 at Winterspelt, Germany, German Troops succeeded in driving a wedge into the Regimental Area. 1st Battalion 424th Infantry was committed to fill the gap. In the see‑saw battle in this area Capt Edward Chateauneuf, liaison officer with the 1st Battalion, and his wire man, Pvt Harold Schnaringer, were captured. Later in the day Lt John D MacKinnon, B Battery Forward Observer, Cpl Harold B Walker and Pvt Frank Carey of the Battery were also captured. 

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