Clifford H Davis


Name: Clifford H Davis

First Name(s): Clifford H
Last Name: Davis

Place of birth: Maryland, Montgomery Cnty,

Rank: Capt Pilot
ASN: O-886287
Company: 353rd F Sqdrn
Unit: 354th Fighter Grp 9th USAAF

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 29-01-1945
Place of incident: Setz area

note: Capt Richard H Brown took off from base Rosières, France, with Republic THUNDERBOLT P-47D-28-RA, #42-28867.
Blue Leader Capt Clifford H Davis was in a close support mission in the Sankt Vith area. While completing dive bombing and strafing attacks against enemy motor transports and armor near the town of Setz, Belgium, FLAK of 20mm and 40mm was encountered during these runs. During the last run across a road South of the town, Capt Davis pulled up from the target, receiving 3 FLAK burst direct behind his aircraft. The plane went into a vertical clime to approximately 1,200 feet. The canopy came back as the aircraft rolled on its back and started down a helmet and an unidentified object was seen to leave the cockpit. The plane crashed straight into the ground, exploded and burned one and a half mile South of Setz, Belgium.
Destination: Sankt Vith area, Belgium
Mission: Close support

Unit History of 354th Fighter Group

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