Bernard A Pappel Jr.


Name: Bernard A Pappel Jr.

First Name(s): Bernard A
Last Name: Pappel Jr.

Place of birth: Illinois, Cook Cnty, Chicago

Rank: Pvt Machine Gunner
ASN: 36654062
Unit: 924th FAB 99th ID

Reported as: WIA ► POW ► DNB
Date of incident: 17-12-1944
Place of incident: Büllingen

His story: Pvt Bernard A. Pappel Jr. entered the service in 1943.
During the Battle of the Bulge he was sent out, together with other members of his battery, to establish a roadblock to prevent Kampfgruppe Peiper to reach Büllingen. He manned a machine gun at the intersection and when a group of tanks and halftracks reached their position a firefight broke out in which he got wounded. The other members of his team were taken prisoner and an SS-officer gave them permission to care of his wounds.
Just a few moments later, his comrades were ordered to take place on one of the tanks. The same SS-officer took out his pistol and executed Pvt Pappel on the spot.
This awfull incident took place at the crossroad of the streets “In  der Kirmesdell”, “Kockelberg”, “Am Hügel”, South of the village center of Büllingen, Belgium.

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