Andrew J Baziow


Name: Andrew J Baziow

First Name(s): Andrew J
Last Name: Baziow

Place of birth: New Jersey,

Rank: Pfc
ASN: 6836663
Company: B
Unit: 48th AIB 7th AD

Reported as: MIA
Date of incident: 22-12-1944
Place of incident: Poteau

His story: Pfc Andrew J Baziow enlisted at Fort Dix, New Jersey on March 21, 1944.
According to the AAR of B Company, enemy forces attacked the battalion maintenace and B Company vehicles which were in an assembly area. Artillery ands mortar fire preceded the infantry and tanks attack overruning the Anti-Tank Platoon of B Company in the attack. Heavy fighting took place which resulted in the units loosing all vehicles and large weapons.
In March 1947 an investigation was conducted in the area around Poteau in an effort to locate the remains of Pfc Baziow. At that time, only one family lived in Poteau and the head of this family, Mr. Henri, declared that there were no allied bodies in or near the hamlet. Furthermore the Mayor of Petit-Thier, of which Poteau is a part, stated that all bodies had been evacuated by Americans in March 1945 and June 1946.

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