Alphonse M Sito


Name: Alphonse M Sito

First Name(s): Alphonse M
Last Name: Sito

Place of birth: Maryland,

Rank: Pfc BAR man
ASN: 33728517
Company: B
Unit: 394th IR 1stBn 99th ID

Reported as: MIA ► FOD
Date of incident: 16-12-1944
Place of incident: Losheimergraben

His story: Pfc Alphonse M Sito was killed on the first day of the Battle of the Bulge. He died a hero letting his fellow soldiers know where the enemy was attacking from, so they could position their weapons correctly. At the time of his death the Germans were advancing and his body was left behind and reported as MIA.
On September 29, 1988, two young men of MIA project, looking for war relics came upon his remains. After determined through dental records and items found with his body, the US Army identified that remains of Alphonse Martin Sito were truly. Finally on Monday December 18, 1989, 45 years and 2 days after his death, he was interred at St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland with his parents. 

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