Alfred R Tenny Jr


Name: Alfred R Tenny Jr

First Name(s): Alfred R
Last Name: Tenny Jr

Place of birth: Massachusetts, Essex Cnty, Swampscott

Rank: 2 Lt Pilot
ASN: O-821809
Company: 15th Ph Recon Sqdrn
Unit: 10th Photo Recon Grp 8th USAAF

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 24-12-1944
Place of incident: Tellin area

His story: Aircraft North American Aviation MUSTANG “Phyllis” type F-6C, coded SM-M, #42-103211 a converted P-51C-1-NT, took off from Giraumont, France on December 24, 1944 for a reconnaissance mission in the area of Bastogne, Belgium.
At approximately 1120 hours while flying in an area northwest of Bastogne, Belgium at an approximate altitude of 3,500 feet and a speed of about 300 miles per hour, Wing Man, 2Lt Alfred R Tenny Jr called that FLAK was coming up. A few minutes later Lt Tenny called that while he was unhurt, his plane had been hit and called that he would have to bail out. He was told to fly west as far as possible. 1Lt Donald G Dowell was not sure if Lt Tenny left his plane by parachute. The plane eventually crashed and Lt Dowell saw no trace of Lt Tenny.

Destination: Bastogne area, Belgium
Mission: Visual reconnaissance
MACR: 11426

Unit history of 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group

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