Milton J Ulfeng


Name: Milton J Ulfeng

First Name(s): Milton J
Last Name: Ulfeng

Place of birth: Illinois, Cook Cnty, Chicago

Rank: Pvt Rifleman
ASN: 36845362
Unit: 271st IR 69th ID

Reported as: MIA►POW►DNB
Date of incident: 19-2-1945
Place of incident: Mürringen

His story: Wisconsin in 1944. Pvt Milton J Ulfing was drafted into the Army shortly after he graduated from High school, when he was only 18 years old. He went to boot camp in Macon, Georgia, for 6 months. He came home in December 1944 for 5 days leave before being shipped to the European front, where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. In April 1945 he was stated as missing in action. On the July 4, 1945 recorded as Killed in Action (probably in March).
In 1946, the parents of Milton received a letter from a former wounded German soldier, who had been assigned to a German hospital to take care of Milton, where he had been taken as a Prisoner of War. According to the letter he had a 10 cm wound in the right side of his chest. He further wrote that as the battle continued to rage they had to move the wounded back for their safety. They boarded them on a boxcar and that was the last he saw of Milton.
Eventually, Milton´s grave was found in a railroad yard with his helmet and dog tags. 

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