John V Gregory


Name: John V Gregory

First Name(s): John V
Last Name: Gregory

Place of birth: Massachusetts,

Rank: S/Sgt
ASN: 35516926
Company: D3 mortar
Unit: 331st IR 1stBn 83rd ID

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 13-01-1945
Place of incident: Petite-Langlire

note: S/Sgt. John V. Gregory is listed in the memoirs of Capt. Harry C. Gravelyn, Co. D, 331st as being section leader for the 3rd section of the 3rd Platoon Mortar in July 1944. His memoirs referring to the incident on January 13, 1945;
“The attacking companies had moved forward without too much resistance so it became necessary to move the mortar platoon down the slope into the town of Petite Langlir where I could resupply from a road instead of the roadless route we took across the valley. My other two platoons would temporarily be supplied by the rifle companies with whom they were attached. On this move of the mortar platoon we lost Sgt. Gregory who was killed by an enemy mortar shell and this didn’t help my mood at all. I was extremely fatigued and I couldn’t remember when I last had any sleep.”

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