Jack Beckwith


Name: Jack Beckwith

First Name(s): Jack
Last Name: Beckwith

Place of birth: North Dakota, LaMoure Cnty,

Rank: Pfc BAR man
ASN: 37550296
Company: C
Unit: 395th IR 1stBn 99th ID

Reported as: MIA ► FOD
Date of incident: 15-12-1944
Place of incident: Monschau Forest

His story: On December 15, 1944 elements of the 99th Infantry Division were dugg in on Hill 627 near the German border. Pfc Jack Beckwith was just out of his foxhole when an 88 shell landed in it and was killed. When orders were given to retreat, Jack and two other casualties were quickly buried in three shallow “temporary” graves and were left next to the forward aid station for a later evacuation.
By the summer of 1945, the war in Europe had ended. The army started a large operation to recover the remains of missing servicemen. This operation lasted until 1951 but failed to account for Pfc Beckwith and the army closedhis case file.
Thanks to members of MIA project, his remains were found on April, 16, 2001. At the request of the family, Pfc Beckwith was buried at American War Cemetery Henri-Chapelle.

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