Hubert B “Hubie” Ford


Name: Hubert B “Hubie” Ford

First Name(s): Hubert B “Hubie”
Last Name: Ford

Place of birth: Kansas, Montgomery Cnty, Caney

Rank: Pfc
ASN: 36742041
Company: C
Unit: 517th PIR 1stBn 13th ABN Div

Reported as: KIA
Date of incident: 14-01-1945
Place of incident: Logbiermé

Pfc Allan R Goodman of 596th ABN Engr Co. reports:
Our platoon was moving on to clear a building 50 to 60 yards up the road when we encountered enemy rifle fire.
The building turned out to be their last defense and they had some of their riflemen, with snow uniforms, laying out in the fields behind cows that had been shot but were still breathing, so you couldn’t pick up the breathing of the German riflemen. Once we left the protection of the buildings of this little hamlet and advanced to the open roadway heading toward this building, the enemy opened fired. Our advance scout, Hubert “Hubie” Ford, from Chicago, was shot in the head and laid out there on the road crying for help while the rest of the platoon went for cover. It was only then that we realized where the rifle fire was coming from and we were unable to go to the aid of our lead scout. When we finally reached “Hubie” it was too late.

Unit history of 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment

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