It all started in september 2011.
During our short vacation at B&B Bo Temps, Bob Konings invited us to experience one of his first Battle Tours.Together with 2 other B&B guests, we  visited locations where several important military actions took place during the Battle of the Bulge.
At first we visited locations in the neighbourhood of Grandmenil. Sites as for example Trou de Loup, Baraque de Fraiture and Châlet Gilkinet. Bob told us what his dear friend Bob Kauffman, veteran of 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored Division, experienced at these sites during the cold winter in december 1944.
In the afternoon we visited the area of Ottré and Bihain. The memorial of the Jewish soldier Henry I. Tannenbaum, Pvt. Of 83rd Infantry Division, was very impressive. The story of this American is well known as “White Death”.
A story told by Tony Vaccaro, who was one of GI’s with a camera during World War II.

Less then 2 months after our visit of B&B Bo Temps, I became unemployed until June 2015. To spend my overkill of spare time useful, I decided to look for more information about the military casualties of 75th and 83rd Infantry Division. Especially to give those men, who fought and died in Europe for our FREEDOM, a face. Far away from their HOMEland!

Over about 7 days, it’s 74 years later after  the Battle of the Bulge started. Their for, we proudly present this website. A result of all our actual findings on the WorldWideWeb about those brave men. Whith other words, we’re not finished yet!

I hope that this website will be recognised as a welcome contribution.
Lest we forget!

Paul Kuijpers, Bergen op Zoom(NL), 9 december 2018